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Unlock Your Strengths

This is a one year program which consists of 4 full day workshops (one month apart), 3 follow up sessions (quarterly after the last workshop), and 3 one-on-one sessions for each participant.

  • Day 1 - Discovery & Design

  • Day 2 - Seeing Strengths

  • Day 3 - Embracing Weakness

  • Day 4 - The Ripple Effect

A detailed proposal for this program can be provided upon request.


Strategy Retreat

This 3 day retreat cover alignment on vision, values and purpose.

Our strategy retreats look at answering the following questions using the team's strengths

  1. Who are we today?

  2. What is our passion and purpose?

  3. What is our mission and vision?

  4. Where are we now and where do we want to go?

The outcomes include a deeper connection as a team, clarity and a deep alignment on vision and purpose.

Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance

One day workshop on understanding and applying strengths effectively to shift ourselves and others out of toxicity.

Experience a living laboratory that will empower you to learn and practice the Strengths Strategies™ which research has proven to directly impact individual and team performance.

Increase energy and performance, meaningful team interactions, personal fulfillment and proactivity.


People Acuity Specialist

(In partnership with People Acuity)

Focuses on deep personal self discovery and application of the three guides (Strategic Interdependence™, Strengths Strategy® and Purpose Alignment) to improve relationships, tasks and results.

Two day workshop where participants learn, understand and practice real-life, actionable People Acuity (the ability to clearly SEE and effectively OPTIMIZE the value, capabilities and positive potential impact of self and others).

Optional: certification and professional designation as a People Acuity Specialist (requires additional online learning and exam).

People Acuity Guide

(In partnership with People Acuity)

Coach-like leadership and masterful coaching program building on the People Acuity Specialist program. It aims on working on your ability to leverage a 'coach-like approach' to leadership to build purposeful, interdependent relationships.

Two day experimental workshop where participants learn how to help others create their own conditions for better relationships and results in all areas of their life and leading four critical conversations that empower others operate from purposeful interdependence.

Optional: certification and professional designation as a People Acuity Guide (requires additional online learning and exam).


Team Coaching

Team coaching sessions are tailored and can address specific team needs as required. General learning outcomes can include:

  • Acquiring and action from deeper alignment to strengths and purpose in the context of the team

  • Understanding how to strengthen individual and team performance

  • Co-creating implementation strategies for the team to embed tools and principles learnt over time

  • Recovering to interdependence when triggered or feel stuck

For teams/groups of up to 25 people with periodic sessions (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours)

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching can be a package of 4-12 individual one-on-one coaching sessions.

Coaching is a unique transformational journey where the coach and client partner to co-create the clients success using their unique strengths. In the coaching relationship, the client is the expert in their own lives and have their own answers.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or online (via Zoom or alternative meeting room applications).

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