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Co-Active Coaching

This form of coaching follows the idea that how we are being and what we are doing are closely related. The Co-Active coaching cornerstones are holding your clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, dancing in this moment, focusing on the whole person, and evoking transformation.

In our coaching, this is done through many different skills. These skills include: curiosity, deep listening, intuition, self-management, deepening the learning and forwarding the action.


Strengths Coaching

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This form of coaching helps people see and understand their strengths in order to utilize them efficiently to aid their transformation journey - whether that be for their personal use or for their organization.

This is done through the use of several tools such as ICU Acknowledgment and Co-Creating Possibilities. Along with skills acquired over time by coaches and their clients in their coach-client relationship.

A steady and carefully thought out design takes place for a coach-client relationship to work for both parties, this is done over the course of the relationship and can be changed or adjusted by the coach or the client when change needs to be made.

Independent researchers found that strengths-based coaching impacts people's lives by increasing trust and loyalty as well as:

  • Performance by 36%

  • Productivity by 43%

  • Client Loyalty and Trust 45%

  • Teamwork Efficiency by 83%

  • Engagement by 600%

Guided Coaching

Guided Session #1 - Designed to aid the coach and associate in creating alignment, to get on the same page with their current goals and needs, and co-create the conditions for the two to have an amazing growth experience together.

Guided Session #2 - Designed to help the associate begin to recognize strengths in the context of fulfilling, high energy and performance experience - and to define what is needed for Optimal Zone energy and performance.

Guided Session #3 - Designed to help the associate begin to recognize how strengths become triggered into showing up as weaknesses - and how to mitigate weakness by making wise use of strengths.

Guided Session #4 - Designed to help the associate to apply their strengths to find and define clear purposes - including defining creating intentional impact on others, as well as clarifying Work/Role legacy and purpose. 

Co-Active Coaching
Strengths Coaching
Guided Coaching
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